Saturday, December 28, 2002

I love reading pieces sledging flashbulb addicts who think they can change the world. Here's another one.
Just had a thought I decided to run by you:

The destructive effect of all this moral relativism over the last thirty years has left the twitizens of Artsville (and other fluffy wuffy strongholds) in a weird situation. In their view there's no wrong or right any more -- only moral shades of grey. But why are they so certain of themselves? Because they've simply replaced wrong and right with two other concepts: "right-wing" and "left-wing" respectively. And what's a "right-wing" person? Why, someone who believes there's a difference between right and wrong, of course!

Hence, when a bunch of sexually constipated yokels slaughter thousands of innocent people, the fluffs have great difficulty in seeing why it's flat-out wrong. That is: America and her allies are run by "right-wing" (morally absolutist) governments. To be "right-wing" is wrong. Terrorism is against America, therefore it can be classified as "left-wing". To be "left-wing" is right. Hence the terrorists are right -- or at least not wrong.

So, it should be remembered that the fluffy wuffies aren't all morally wrong, they're just morally up-shit-creek-without-a-paddle.

Poor pricks.

Friday, December 27, 2002

I find this whole debate about fox hunting fascinating. Many of the fluffs campaigning against it say that it should be banned because it's cruel. But so's nature -- foxes particularly (ask any rabbit).

The blue-bloods who enjoy the ritual say they should be allowed to continue it because foxes are vermin, and the sport supplies a kind of agricultural service. But this is a tactical mistake (even though it's true) because the fluffs think of livestock domestication as oppression, so any tacit support of this receives no sympathy. I reckon that the blue-bloods should try a different tack and say that fox hunting is karmic retribution for all the cute wittle wild aminals dat da big mean foxes have killed. Then maybe the fluffs will remove the ban.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

In a fascinating article in today's Age -- sorry, couldn't get link to work -- Gerard Henderson explains that many of today's Australian "conservatives" actually began their careers as lefties. It gives them greater credibility, I reckon, because it means that they've seen things from two different perspectives, and have made an informed choice about which is superior.

The same cannot be said of the lifelong lefties I've met in Artsville, many of whom started off as red-diaper babies then grew into smug, bong-suckling Stalinists without once having a questing, skeptical thought about the pre-packaged world-view that was handed to them by their parents, then reinforced by their uni tutors and peers. Odd that these people should see themselves as rebels. They're the most dutiful, unquestioning conformists you could imagine.
Some good thoughts on the fluffy wuffy denigration of Christmas are found here. (By the way, I'm not a great fan of the ritual. I reckon Santa's a dickhead, quite frankly. And elves creep me out big time. Also, I find the attendant hols bloody draining, since everything's shut for the duration. It's horrible. In Perth -- where I am now -- this is a disaster. The joint is like a morgue at the best of times, but now it's like a post-apocalyptic friggin' wasteland. Still, Chrissie does mean a helluva lot to heaps of people, and the fact that anile squittering fluffs continue with their mean-spirited campaign to ruin it really shits me.)

Monday, December 23, 2002

Have just read a great article by Roger Sandall in the Oz. He's getting stuck into the fluffy wuffy historians for arcing up about Keith Windschuttle's challenge to them. It really sums up the bankruptcy of their whole philosophy. That is, if they want diversity of opinion (as they say they do) and opinion A is just as valid as B and C, etc, then why endorse B over C or A? Also, why are they so vicious in their condemnation of those ideas they don't like? It's another sad variation on that tragic leftist syndrome, "We are all equal, but some are more equal than others". Yep, the commisar has no clothes.