Saturday, January 18, 2003

There's a pithy post from Tex at Whacking Day on the drug legalization debate. I concur with a lot of it. But I'd like to make a couple of dissenting points.

Firstly, he says: "You're seeing the picture here: drug prohibition makes everything worse, legalisation makes everything better." Can't buy that one. Nothing's that simple, surely.

Another point: Nowhere in the post does he say that drug-taking is often stupid, wrong, and destructive not only to the person who does it, but also to people around him.

At the risk of sounding like a tight-arse, whingeing wowser this point should be made occasionally at least. I mean, you should invoke morality at some point in these arguments. Otherwise, what's the point? My view: you can still make something legal, or permissable, while simultaneously discouraging and condemning it. It's like abortion. Abortion is wrong, no doubt about it. But often it is the lesser of two evils.

(By the way, please don't see this as me being indecisive; having a bob each way. Or maybe you can, I suppose. But I'd rather you didn't. Er, but either way I don't want to judge you for it... Look, it all depends on the context, doesn't it?)

Faaaaark! I'm becoming a fluffy wuffy!
Gawd. Another glitz-orific circle jerk for the flashbulb addicts of Tinseltown. Crikey, it's like there's one of these bashes every friggin' week! I'm amazed they even have time to sleep, let alone make the fillums they are constantly congratulating themselves for.

And why do these people take themselves so seriously? They're just emotionally retarded egomaniacs playing pretendies, after all. Sure, fillums are enjoyable, and occasionally even thought-provoking. But they're never actually important.

Any celebrophilic fluffy wuffs out there who don't believe me? Okay, try and think of any fillum which actually had an impact on society and demonstrably changed the world in the same way that a great invention like the dunny did, for instance.

See, ya can't, can ya! Because there aren't any. Art is a mirror. Not a hammer. Stick that up yer arse and smoke it, fluffs.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

And here's another excellent piece of lefty-bashing by Chris Corrigan. In it, he shows how destructive the unionist cult of mediocrity is by transposing it to the footy field.

You could so the same thing in Artsville, I reckon. If you hired arty wankers on the basis of talent and skill, rather than on political allegiance, then there might actually be a few Australian plays and fillums worth seeing!