Friday, March 21, 2003

Surreal simpleton Senator Andrew Bartlett doesn't like the idea of liberating Iraq, because "Australia is now diplomatically and militarily handcuffed to the United States. We will be unavoidably now part of Mr Bush's new world order."

Yeah, a world order that involves the removal of children-gassing, women-raping, dissenter-shredding brutes. Sounds like a damn fine thing to me.

Like most fluffs Fartlett has an extremely selective moral code and despises Western values. Yet he's a "Democrat"? Gawd. That's like saying Ted Bundy's a friggin' feminist!

(Er... actually that was probably a bad analogy. Some feminists were actually pleased as punch with the slick lady killer because he blamed smut for his murder spree.)

I'll try again: Yet he's a "Democrat"? That's like saying Phillip Adams is an intellectual.

Ah, that's better.

But back to Fartlett. Not only does he ignore man's inumanity to man when it suits, but he's more upset about man's inhumanity to ham. Some Republicans may be chicken hawks, but Fartlett's a chicken chook. His whole philosophy can be described thus: "If in doubt, pullet!" Have a look here and you'll see how fowl his reasoning is.

The interview is a real quack-up. It includes a classic photo of him dolled up with a hen (probably his significant other). Susan Sarandon's conservative mother (last post) says she has to tread on eggshells around her daughter. But if she ever lobbed at the Fartlett household, she'd have do that literally as well!

What a silly cock-head he is.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Gawd! Lenora Tomalin, mother of uber-squit Susan Sarandon, is actually pro-Bush! Perhaps there's some serious Freudian shit going on there underneath Sarandon's regally oblivious exterior? Would be nice to think so. But I doubt it. I don't think she possesses a subconscious. Years of living in Tinseltown with other sanctimonious, over-rewarded egomaniacs would have removed any psychological complexity she may once have possessed.

Tomalin describes the discomfort of visiting her daughter's house. She says she has to "tread on eggshells". I know the feeling. Whenever I'm around fluffs I'm forever biting my tongue (sometimes to stop myself from laughing at their arse-about reasoning and/or ignorance, but usually because they're already spitting foam over some petty point or other and I don't want to rile them even more with dissent). This cracks me up, since conservatives are so often portrayed as unreasonable and overbearing!
Gee. Some Smothers do 'ave e'm!