Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Just a thought on that "moral turpitude" claim of Simple Simon Crean's: Reminds me of the time Pauline Hanson said "please explain" when confronted with the word "xenophobic". The fluffy wuffy media seized on it as a symbol of her stupidity. Yet surely to use a term and not know its meaning is even friggin' dumber.

Is "moral turpitude" going to become the next "please explain"? It should, but it won't, of course. Why? Because primitive, tribal squits will never attack one of their own. They always employ a double standard best described as moral turditude.
In Mexico women really are oppressed. Selectively murdered in their hundreds in fact. Yet smug feminist bimbos in Oz and other rich, industrialised nations continue to complain that blonde jokes and innapropriate suffixes constitute oppression.