Friday, October 03, 2003

No blogging today (er, except this one). Coupla work-blokes in ripping out my old wafer-thin windows and replacing them with some double decker big bastards. This is welcome, as I'm right under the flight path into Sydney airport, and the noise of descending jets is shockin'.

(Although, after having lived here over a year, I'm pretty accustomed to it now. Maybe the noise reduction will be disturbing, not calming?)

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Jeez, you've gotta hand it to them Frogs for sheer pettiness. They've got their Stalinist skulls shoved further up their freckles than that pyromaniac pinko Robert Corr.

Look at this sad story. Because some smart babe used the rather tragic - but nonetheless piss-funny - death of some airhead-bint-celebrity called Marie Trintignant (or something) at the clammy hands of her drug-fucked, heavy metal-headed beau, the surreal celebrophilic squits are all in-a-lather (which is rare for the soap-phobic Frogs, let's face it!).

Burying children alive (like their major trading partner and anti-Seppolian ally Uncle Saddamy did) is way cool for PC Parisians, but abstractifying a high-profile carking into a mathematical equation most definitely is not. But aren't these left-wing left-bankers supposed to be really into irony and detachment and ennui, and all that eurocentric jaded shit?

Obviously fucken not.

Hey Frogs! You think you know it all. But really, you know Foucault!

(Er, I know that last line really hasn't got much to do with this particular subject. Just always really wanted to use it, that's all...)
So anything that sports - or once sported - a penis is not welcome at "Lesfest". In that case here's one very famous Les who probably won't be attending.

Unfortunate for him, 'cause he's a bit of a fan of sapphic activities, apparently. And ironic, too, 'cause he's a damn sight more feminine than most of the chicks who will be there!

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Why do we prefer Seppolian entertainment over our own? The fluffs squeal that it's because we don't have a comparable amount of money to throw at our "talent".

Crap, I say.

Even when the Seppos make shit, they do make that shit shine. Why? Because they just take heaps more care in what they do. And the writing is way superior, even in the comedies. Shows like Friends make me want to hurl with their unremitting cuteness. But they are still very well written.

I mean, look at our sit-coms (if you can remember the names of any). They're a disgrace! (And if money is the main factor then sit-coms should the ones to even the field, 'cause they are cheap as chips to produce.)

This difference is not just about money. It's a cultural thing. America has a more vital, diverse and sophisticated society than ours. Its fillums and TV shows reflect this. Which is exactly why the viewers down here in Oz prefer them to our piss-poor home-made offerings.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Just downloaded this entire blog onto a floppy, hoping to one day re-jig the less vitriolic, more whimsical bits for a book, and/or comedy show. Did a word count, and it came to over 30 000.

Crikey, I have been a busy boy!