Saturday, August 16, 2003

Gawd, these fluffs are just beyond parody...

So this dopey, hairy-backed sheila has been charged with extortion (a major crime) and these pinheads are still squittering about the ramifications for chickdom resulting from an offhand comment by some bloke who had nothing to do with the bloody event in the first place!

I mean, have a look at this pettifogging piece about those two words.

The obsequious plonker who wrote this purports to show a balanced article on the significance of the "hairy-backed" controversy, then spends the whole piece wheeling out the same tired, tight-arsed PC line that we've been enduring for the last thirty years.

Look at this sentence: "In fact, it is an insult used by English-speaking South Africans against Afrikaners, so in this context it is not only sexist but racist."

Since this guy (along with his fellow travellers) is so fond of it, let's look at his comments in context:

Remember that in the context of the history of Sarth Effrica the Afrikaners are the bad guys -whiteys who oppressed all the black people there. So, in that context couldn't the term then be seen not as bigotry but as a kind of cultural karma?

And how, in the context of the article (a general observation about words and their meaning - not a specific analysis of the conflict between Warney and his accuser) can it be seen as racist anyway? Poms were white, so were Afrikaners. In the stunted, schematic mind of the fluff only whites are racist, and only ever against black people and "ethnics" (their term). So how can a whitey be racist against a whitey? By his own criteria, the argument makes no sense. (Er, contextually speaking of course.)

My analysis: The guy is so desperate to advertise his SNAGification (and get laid, perhaps?) that he's even disobeyed one of his own immutable laws!

And what about the dopey, hairy-backed sheila in question? Does she think the term is racist and sexist? Maybe she does; maybe she doesn't. Either way he deems her opinion irrelevant, and decides to take offence on her behalf.

I'll bet he's a whitey. All, or most of the people interviewed are whiteys. So, in the context of the furore, isn't his non-inclusion of her relevant thoughts on the matter an act of racism and/or sexism itself? And if he's not a whitey, then isn't he still reinforcing the dominant racist, sexist paradigm by not including her?

And doesn't rottie-for-the-spottie Pru Goward reveal a similar disdain when she tells a radio audience that (such language) "gives bloke culture a bad name . . . words tell what somebody values. And what this says is that this bloke doesn't think much of women."?

Her words clearly show that she doesn't think much of women because she feels they are so stupid that they must be told when, how and why to be offended. Matronising bloody msogynist! (Oh, and a whitey, too, remember.)

My point: the terms "racism" and "sexism" have been so carelessly, constantly invoked for so long by the squitterati for their own political (and personal) gain that they've lost all meaning. And we're all just friggin' sick of it.

Basically, who seriously gives a tinker's about the significance of these words except these anile handwringing fluffs? I remember a great line from the schoolyard that should be remembered here: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!"

Grow up you fucking 'tards!

Friday, August 15, 2003

Gawd. Derek Sapphire is posting again.
I'm gobsmacked by all this hysterical reporting about the growing list of so-called "victims" of Warney's lechery.

Crikey, even I have received lewd SMS messages from him. Why make it look like his tacky behaviour is some sort of disturbing revelation?

It's the chicks who are the real worry. They're all out to make money off the poor dope. Why isn't that the story?
The cable channel Sci Fi has cancelled all Schwarzenegger movies in the lead-up to the California elections. "We're pulling our Arnold marathon in deference to the electoral process. We wanted to level the playing field in California," said Kat Stein, a spokeswoman for Sci Fi.

Weird logic, eh? Wouldn't many of these ultra-violent movies be a liability, not an asset in his run for office?

Remember, this is kooky California, home of mindless hedonism, pacifism and New Age-ism. With every second citizen already in touch with his or her "inner child", maybe Kindergarten Cop could be an unfair advantage. But Conan the Destroyer?

In another - as-yet unconformed report - X-rated video chains and cable channels have pulled movies by the porn star and gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey. These include Asses in the Air 4, Decadent Divas 17 and 18, Desperately Seeking Jezebelle, When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 7, and Thumpin' Melons.

Knowing what Californians are like, this seems a more logical decision.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

One of my duties in my "real" day job is to distribute flyers all over Sydney. (You know : junk mail - the stuff that really pisses off ferndamentalists. That's part of what actually makes it enjoyable... he, he!)

Since I was already doing this I thought I could promote my site and blogs, as well as those of other cyber-cranks, with flyers listing URLs. I've been doing it for several weeks now with a consistent response.

Bernard Slattery is already on the list. And if any one else wants to have his or her blog listed on thousands of flyers for only a few bucks, then e-mail me (address below left). I'll send you more details, including the flyer design.

Note: This does take time. But it definitely does work. And Ozbloggers can be sure that the readers it refers are local.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Apparently some cosmonaut in space has married his sweetheart down on earth. As the story states, they plan to honeymoon here in Oz. Yeah, she'll be staying in a hotel in Melbourne and he'll be in some tent way up in Arnhemland.