Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I'm feeling very inadequate today. Not only is my namesake Matt Hayden more famous and wealthy than I am, and has a more beautiful wife than I do (er, 'cause I don't have one); he is now elbowing in on my turf: writing.

Next thing I know he will have started his own blog! And if he does he's sure to rack up more hits than me. Would probably score 380 in the first hour, the bastard.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

It's so weird. This browser is fine for Blogger, Yahoo, Speedymail and general browsing. But for Hotmail it's stuffed. Keeps seizing up on me!

They're weird these things. Moody, capricious - like people.
Iam glad this thing is still working. Didn't sleep all that well worrying about whether it would or not. I think I really am becoming way too dependant on my blogging - and PC for that matter.

And recently I've developed another cyber-related habit. It's what I would call "software addiction". (Hell, it's even got its own ready-made acronym: SADD. And how sad is that?) I buy those computer mags with CD freebies on them, then I rush home and, sweating and twitching with frenzied anticipation, download the programs.

Why the obsession? Maybe it's 'cause I'm such a cheap bastard, and I feel like I'm getting something for nothing. Or perhaps it's just an acute form of that fascination that blokes have with technology (you know, "boys and their toys"). Whatever it is, the habit is spinning out of control. I might need counselling soon.

And speaking of sad. That's the emotion I feel whenever I look at the old Opera icon on the desktop. It's still there, and it opens up when I click it. It says it's "finding site" and "sending request", but that's where it ends. It just can't quite connect.

Makes me think of an ageing Gidget standing on Malibu beach. The barrels are pumping, and Moondoggie and the crew are out there gettin' radical, just as they have been for the last forty odd years. Gidget really wants to join them. But she's forgotten how to, er, surf.