Saturday, August 30, 2003

Just a note to say I have another blog running. I post there occasionally. (Last one was two minutes ago.)
When a woman murders four of her bubs over a decade, she's not "evil" or even "bad". No, it's all because she has a "disorder".

Here's another poor person with a similar "disorder".

Friday, August 29, 2003

Most lefties I know just act like they're fifteen. But this lefty outdoes them all. He is only fifteen!
Just noticed on the Yahoo site that the sequel to the top horror flick Jeepers Creepers is out. I'll definitely have a squizz when it hits the local screens.

Again, I do apologise for being so brazenly commercial, but I thought I'd mention this because I did see the original just recently on video. It is truly unique (although it does get a bit silly at the end). Also, it stars one of the most hauntingly beautiful sheilas I've ever seen - a sad-eyed young temptress called Gina Phillips.

I wonder why she's not in this fillum?
I've just whopped up a couple of affiliate banners (left, and down below). I know the blognascenti will look down on this, but hell, I need the bucks. Seeing as I made a whole two of them from a banner I had on my Geocities home page, I figure that I might as well try it on this one, since I'm getting more and more hits. You never know, I might make another four dollars. Then I'll really be a capitalist!

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Good article on "quagmirism" from Miranda Devine.

Another thought on the use of that word:

There are heaps of brutal, long-running conflicts going on all over the world (particularly in Africa), in which many thousands of people have been killed. Aren't these also "quagmires"? Yet the fluffs never seem to use this term to describe them. It's usually "civil war" or "ongoing ethnic conflict", or something. Yet when several dozen western (that is, usually white soldiers) are killed, it qualifies as a "quagmire".

It's as if one white death is worth a thousand black ones. Sounds like racism to me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I thought I was a crank, forever acing up about the thought police and all. But there's a blogger called "Birdman" who puts me to shame in the shat-off-ness stakes. He has it in for bathmats:

"I abhor bathmats and toilet mats. Not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with these harmless inanimate objects. Indeed, they serve a great purpose in catching drops of water and pee.

"What I do object to - and strongly - is the way that they creep about the bathroom.

"No sooner have you put one straight; no sooner have you turned your back, when they are crooked again...all ruckled up against the bath or bog like so much corrugated iron. I am sick of straightening them.

"The other day, I spotted an anti-slip rubber thingy that you put underneath them in a bid to cure the annoyance. I bought some, cut it to shape and put it under the mats.

"Guess what?

"It doesn't make a scrap of sodding difference. The evil bastards are at it again. Crumpled and creeping like some drunken sot leaning against the bath and bog. I swear it's the devil's work. Sent to send us crackers in their petty everyday inanity.

Well that's it. I'm gonna burn them and to hell with the piss and water."

He's either a barking nutbar or a brilliant humorist - or maybe both. Anyway, you can see more at "Raised by Chaffinches".

Monday, August 25, 2003

Now this is interesting. Due to the constant, strident efforts of self-described refugee "advocates", children will now be "released" from detention. But why do they use this particular term? Isn't it just as accurate to say they are being separated from their parents.

What are the kids' thoughts on the matter? Do they think of it as liberation? Well, the article contains what might be a clue:

"Refugee advocate Helvi Aarnio was waiting outside the centre and says she had the chance to speak to one of the boys before the release.

"'I asked him what he would like us to do, where he would like me to take him when he gets outside and he didn't even know, he couldn't even think of anything,' he said."

Sounds more like bewilderment to me. And is he any happier outside? Well, if he hates his parents he is. But if he loves them, I doubt it.

If this continues over the next couple of years the number of children separated from their parents may well grow into the hundreds. In twenty years, will these children be seen as another "stolen generation"?

Just a thought.
James Morrow, who has recently returned to blogging after a long absence, wonders why the following comment about the planned "Syringe Festival" has been left up on the Sydney Indymedia site:

"Having lost much of my life to addiction I cannot agree with the concept of celebrating such an insidious disease.

"While the NT drug laws are certainly draconian and an invasion of civil rights, the fact remains that IV drug abuse is not a positive experience.

"I simply cannot understand how anyone can regard a compulsion to inject toxic chemicals to get through the day as freedom."

Beats me, too. I seriously doubt it has anything to their commitment to freedom of speech. Maybe they just haven't noticed it's up there 'cause they're all so stoned off their tits?
Poor Slatts has been having worm trouble of late and intends to inject his 'puter with some cyber pest control.

Reminded me of my early days of being online: See, I had a similar infestation of my e-mail account. Being a newbie, I tried Tequila as a cure. That always kills 'em stone dead, I thought - although this cheerful little bastard does seem to be the exception to the rule.

Anyway, poured it all over a disk, then inserted it. Ended up short-circuiting the hard drive and frying the whole unit! (Just as well it was a library PC, eh? Which is why I am in favour of publically funded institutions in certain cases, at least.)
Being fascinated with the paranormal (maybe because I'm abnormal?) I found this site (located via Lucid Psyche) particularly interesting.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

So that catastrophic virus that recently ran amuck through the 'net was actually a sexually transmitted disease!