Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Appeaseniks said the Seppolian war on Iraq wasn't a war of liberation, but one of occupation. Then when (newly freed) people went spacko, looting and rioting all over the joint, they blamed the Seppos again - this time for not occupying the joint forcefully enough.

Now, Iraqi citizens are killing former Baath Party members, frustrated that the occupying forces are too leniant on their old oppressors. This makes a mockery of both the pre-war appeasenik claim that while Saddam was "bad news" (Pilger's words) he wasn't that bad; and the mid-war claim that the Seppos were more brutal than his regime.

My guess is that now we'll see the lefties have it both ways again. That is, if the coalition steps in to stop the murders, the appeaseniks will whine about it, wheeling out the ol' occupation rant. And if they do nothing, it'll be, "They're turning a blind eye to revenge killing. How brutal!"

One interesting fact is that Iraqis have been killing formerly lauded, Saddam-friendly artists. As the story states, "The singer Daoud Qais, known for his odes to Hussein, was shot dead on Saturday. So was the president of the Iraqi Artists Union."

Sounds like fun. Why can't we do a bit of that here?

Monday, May 19, 2003

Just a note to say I've got a conventional website started. Have a squizz if you like. It's pretty basic now, but one day it will be bigger than Yahoo, I promise.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Senator Andrew Fartlett claims he doesn't know which planet the Howard Government is living on. Well, it's certainly not the Daily Planet. My guess is it's a little blue dot called Earth. Earth, upon which they have their feet firmly planted.

And Fartlett's celestial abode? A weird joint, that's for sure. One in which chooks rule the roost; where every night's a hen's night; where the birds have more rights than the men - and I'm not talking feminism. I don't know what it's called, but whoever lives there can go an' get plucked!

(For more gratuitous Fartlett-bashing chook-jokes, go here.)
Some columnists sarcastically refer to Islam as "the religion of peace". In the same vein perhaps we should now call Labor "the party of peace".