Saturday, January 06, 2007

Anti-smoking zealots have demanded that puffers must give up their habit before undergoing elective surgery.

I suggest a compromise: Durrymaniacs should cease and desist -- but only during the procedure itself. Lighting up in the operating theatre is not just rude, it's dangerous. It can burn those gowns and hoods the docs and nurses wear!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hello readers. As you'll see from the date of the last post, this blog has been fallow for yonks. But it has been consistently getting visitors. It also seems to rank pretty well in Google, perhaps because Blogger is owned by it. So, after a whole 3 years I've decided to resurrect it.

I have other Die, Fluffy Wuffy, Die! blogs going. There's the one mentioned below, at tBlog. I've got another one which is here.

So this blog has three concurrent addresses. Each will have different posts. I think they might develop their own particular themes as well. I'll see.