Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I thought that dancing with cats was weird enough. But now some barking mad Noo Yawkers are practising yoga with dogs. No kidding.

The article describes the actions of the well intentioned owners: "From time to time, they paused to pull the wandering dogs back to their mats and shush their barks."

Shush their barks? Doesn't sound like it's calming them down. The opposite, more like. Which just goes to show that, er, one human's serenity is most canine's anxiety. How ironic is that? If this trend catches on there'll be heaps of paw-biting pooches wandering the streets of the Big Apple.

Could be justification for a massive animal rights class action in a few years, don't you reckon?
Yep, it does. Phew. I find all this technology really daunting. I'm still learning how to send sms messages on my mobile.
Wow. This has all been redesigned and stuff. Looks completely new. Hope it all still works.