Monday, June 09, 2003

This story is almost a week old now. But I reckon it's a real cack. The citizens of Singapore take public hygeine so seriously that they have a rating of public shithouses called "Happy Toilet".

That name cracks me up. Sounds like the title of a kinky German porn vid, don't you reckon?

(I know, I know. I'm a sick puppy.)
Have been surfing the Yahoo comment boards of late, and posting a bit - mainly in the hope that people will end up here via my Yahoo Geocities site.

Re the boards: they're fascinating. You really get a good sense of the sheer limitlessness of fluffy wuffy idiocy. For instance under a story about Bush visiting a Nazi death camp and being moved to tears, one fluffy wuffy wrote:

“When will a patriotic Lee Harvey Oswald come forward and release America from the evil Bush/Cheney regime that threatens to destroy the American way of life and substitute the fascism that Bush's hero Hitler so envisioned? This semi-retarded fascist that was 'appointed' president will be the person who kills all that America stands for!”

When I read it the post had 16 recommendations.

At first, I thought it had to be a joke. But considering how often you read similar sentiments nowadays, I don't think it was.

This was scary, and a bit sad. I mean, crikey, the poster was seriously suggesting that Bush - who now enjoys record popularity in the freest, most open society on Earth, and who just toppled two tyrannical regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq with amazing speed and incredibly low casualties on both sides - is a Nazi! Not only that, the quarterwit poster was seriously praying that someone would assassinate Dubya. And at least 16 readers agreed with this sentiment!

Obviously, there are heaps of people out there who've been watching way too many Oliver Stone movies. (And on that note, why did the poster invoke Oswald’s name, as if he actually killed JFK? Isn't the appeasenik-liberal's line on that event that he was “just the patsy” for the CIA, anti-Castro Cubans etc?) I use mixed metaphors occasionally. But these guys suffer from confused conspiracy syndrome!

They just get funnier every day.
Still on the subject of nakedness and, er, "art": Here's a story about how some arty plonkers provoked violence by nuding up and gettin' frisky in front of a church during a papal visit.

Deserve what they got, I reckon. And how boring! It's the oldest ploy in the book: provoke the Christian church with nudity and sex, then squawk "oppression" when the Goddites arc up about it.

They should do something really ballsy and perform their passion play inside a Muslim mosque. Now, I'd pay to see what happens to them then. That would really be entertainment!
Looks like this Spencer Tunick fellow will be stuck forever in his blue period.