Saturday, August 23, 2003

Just found a great site via Bitchin' Monaro. It's called Quizilla. I just answered the questionnaire titled, "Which World Leader Were You in a Previous Life?".

Turned out I was Elizabeth 1. Somehow, I just knew. I'm just so in touch with my feminine side...

Friday, August 22, 2003

I have just downloaded an Opera browser (a freebie on a CD from a mag I bought). I know this sounds like an ad or something. But I've got to say, it's pretty damn good. Works really well on this clunky ol' Windows '95 'puter I've got. Really fast; really smooth.

(Crikey. I'm becoming a browser afficianado! Before I know it I'll be gas-bagging about HTML.)
Still on the subject of rights and responsibilities: Theodore Dalrymple has written a brilliant opinion piece revealing the stupidity and moral cowardice behind awarding several hundred grand to an incurable dipso and bong-suckler who murdered someone and then blamed the state.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

For people who want to discover a whole new bunch of cyber-cranks here's a really good list.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Rachel Lucas is a great humorist. She can make me laugh out loud. Her vivid description of her discovery of some mummified grasshoppers is a cack. (There are photos, too.)
Great article by Janet Albrechtsen in today's Oz. In it she proposes that we should be the first nation to have a bill of obligations as well as rights.

I like that. And I'd like to add another suggestion: that if and when we make it law this new charter should be expressed in straightforward colloquial language instead of that 'orrible opaque lawyer-speak.

So, the introduction might read something like: "Okay, we're the High Court, which means we're really bloody important. So listen up, shit-wits, and listen closely - or just piss right off!

"Right, so the first thing you gotta do is realise that you are an individual first, not a member of a group. Got that? Not a bloke, not a chick; not a whitey or an ethnic; not a breeder or a poof. You're you. If the more delicate amongst you want us to describe it in tight-arsed ol' PC terms, then put it this way: You're all a minority of one.

"So, being an individual, you have to take responsibility for your own life and actions, okay? So, go out and have a top time, try a few 'experiments in living' by all means. But remember that if things blow up in your face, just don't come whingeing to us, alright! We've got better things to do than listen to your petty griping - things like ponce around in our gowns, compare wigs and have our bums spanked by dominatrixes (which we take full resonsibility for, of course. Hell, if a birching gets out of hand and we end up looking pretty worse for wear, then do we ask for the state to pay? No way! We just hit the bench, whop a bit of salve on the ol' bum-cheeks and take some time out so we're all fighting fit for the gig the following week!).

"Er, sorry for getting sidetracked like that. But bascially what we're trying to say is: if we can do that, so can youse, alright? (And remember that the whole concept works all over the joint, not just in the dungeon. We just use them sexual analogies all the time 'cause we're all such kinky buggers!)

"So in summation good blokes and chicks of Australia: We've had enough of this victim shit. You fuck up your own life, then it's your fault - no-one else's - so they shouldn't have to pick up the tab. Easy-fucken-peasy. (But if you get mugged, or beaten by your spouse, or something else like that then that's a different matter, of course. Fucken der!)

Okay, we think you get the point. You play; you pay. Your life; your strife! And if you don't like it, well, all we can say is: Whop it up yer clackers, whackers!"

Monday, August 18, 2003

Since every other damn blogger in Australia has gone to Movable Type and has comment boxes (and something called "trackback" - what the hell does that mean?) I'm feeling very inadequate indeed.

I thought of going there myself, so I had a look at the site. There's all this stuff about scripting and "perl" or something and it's very intimidating. Plus I have Windows 95 on my home PC. (Does that make a cyber-dinosaur as well as a cultural one?)

Anyway, I've had a bit of a perve at various blogging hosts and the free Lycos blog builder looks good. It's simple, and has comment boxes. I might move there eventually.

I do find this all a bit tiring. I've changed my blog address here three times already. And now I might be moving again! I'm starting to feel a bit like the peripatetic protagonist of that moody Paul Young ballad of yore.

(Humming soulfully: "Wherever I lay my links, that's my home...")

Sunday, August 17, 2003

If you look in the links section below, you'll see a little "b". That's for the Blogsnob site, which uses an innovative method for advertising blogs. Will be interesting to see how many hits I get from it.
Addendum to last post: The thing that really annoys me about today's feminists is their pettiness and passivity. I've always believed that the point of feminism should be to encourage independence and individualism, not create a whole generation of blushing violets, cowards and victims so delicate that their whole world could be torn asunder by the use of an "inappropriate" term, joke or suffix.

Compare the mealy-mouthed rhetoric of the twisted sisterhood to the truly independent, fearless commentary of this self-described "gun-totin' capitalist".

Isn't that what feminism is supposed to be all about?

Not here it ain't. (And sadly not so much over there, either.)