Wednesday, January 29, 2003

More silly squittering from Susan Sarandon. Now she's carping about Tony Blair's position on Iraq. But why was she speaking publicly in the first place? To promote The Banger Sisters, a silly, mediocre and inconsequential fillum about a couple of superannuated tarts!

Gawd, she should make up her mind about whether she's an actress or an activist. If she does settle decisively on the former career, then the ol' bimbo should start choosing better scripts before she loses all her hard-earned cred in that area, too.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

This fillum Confessions of a Dangerous Mind looks interesting. It's based on a dodgy autobiography by Chuck Barris, visionary creator of early reality TV shows like The Gong Show. This piece makes a few interesting points about how what was seen as decadent, degrading and shocking then would be deemed tame now.

Makes me wonder what reality TV will be like a few years hence. I reckon we'll see desperate bachelors lining up for blind dates with goats and chickens and the weekly loser on Big Brother being slaughtered and eaten by all the other inmates. When people complain the defence will be the same: "Oh come on, the show's all in fun. We all know that. Don't be such a kill-joy."