Friday, June 20, 2003

This Eric Hoffer was an interesting fellow.
Leftist-feminists who say that abortion is not a moral issue and should be completely legal say it's disgusting for pro-life zealots to hold up photos of aborted fetuses to make their point. So, why is it okay for leftist-greenies (who would also be overwhelmingly pro-abortion) to use an even more confronting tactic when denouncing whaling?

Not only are these ferndies extremely hypocritical; they're also more concerned about the lives of adult cetaceans than those of the youngest, most vulnerable humans.

What a pack of half-people!

Monday, June 16, 2003

Whenever a newspaper cites results of some survey about attitudes to sex and relationships, it's almost always crap. Take this one, on the dreams and aspirations of Brit-blokes. It paints a very rosy picture of young fellas being eternally faithful and comprehensively SNAG-ified. It uses a trendy new term to describe them: "metrosexuals".

Yet if you have a squizz here, a different picture emerges. (Okay, the two lumps of data aren't quantifying the same thing. Still, you can make some relevant comparisons between them, I reckon.)

Just on that first survey: The blokes questioned were big fans of cute-as-a-button Felicity Kendal, star of that ancient sit-com The Good Life. Doesn't that make them retro-sexuals? (Me? I'm pomo-phobic.)

Also, the article says that the research shows that "Modern British men have accepted the feminist revolution of the past 30 years... Nearly three-quarters agree that women should get equal pay for equal work." Since when was feminism about equal pay for equal work? All the bolshie bimbos I've ever met want to be rewarded hugely for doing sweet fuck-all.