Thursday, July 10, 2003

There's another good article in the SMH on taboos and censorship, this time from Miranda Devine.

In it, she describes the Germainiac's latest book, which espouses a kind of PC-pedophilia (that between nasty ol' leftie harridans and teenage boys).

Devine's article is spot on. Under the supposedly sophisticated taboo-breaking of many "artists" and "thinkers" is a truly malicious, primitive desire to tear down what better, more principled people have created.

Of course the same intellectually and emotionally retarded lefties who were baying for Hollingworth's blood will now be defending the likes of Greer. Their definition of freedom of speech is the right to shout other people down.

They intentionally create a state of chaos and degradation (or worsen that which already exists) and then complain about it, blaming the "establishment" or "the patriarchy" - whoever the hell they are! - for the problem. Then they appoint themselves as moral exemplars who can salvage the situation. And we end up paying them for it!

Ugh! It makes your skin walk.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

There's a good article by Paddy McGuinness in today's SMH about the hypocrisy of so-called anti-censorship advocates. I agree with his sentiment. The squitterati are the most censorious people I've ever met.

Artsville is a hotbed of often subtle but nonetheless pervasive censorship. There are certain things you JUST DO NOT SAY in the interests of keeping your nice cozy place in the state-subsidised gravy train.

Here are a few:

"I voted for John Howard."

"That Phillip Ruddock seems like a nice fellow."

"The invasion of Iraq was justified."

"Feminism isn't an admirable movement that's gone too far. It's just plain nasty, puerile and wrong."

"Terrorists are not brave freedom-fighters but cowardly mass murderers. Coalition soldiers are not monsters but courageous and principled people."

"Australia is not the most racist country in the world. It's clearly one of the least."

"Bob Brown is a bonehead. Carmen Lawrence is a nasty, duplicitous totalitarian. Natasha Stott Despoja is a blonde joke."

"ATSIC is rotten through. Give it the heave-ho."

"Robyn Archer is a talentless dyke. Barrie Kosky is an infantile tosser."

"There is a difference between right and wrong."

There are many others, but I think you get the drift. In dealing with such dissent, fartists will usually employ one or more of these three techniques: assemble in a pack and hector you into silence or conformity; sneer, roll their eyes and look at you funny whenever they see you from then on; or quietly scuttle off to pull strings and make damn sure that you don't get gigs any more - or at least progress no further than you have already. As a result of this deadening pall of PC Artsville is the dullest, most unimaginative joint there is. You'd find more creativity in the catatonia ward at the local old people's home.

So, to Ken Park: Although I ultimately disagree with the decision to ban the film, at least the censorship was clear and overt. The people who came across well in this case were the coppers, who performed their jobs efficiently and reasonably.

The "freedom (of expression) fighters"? They appeared comical and childish.

I'm sure they thought they looked incredibly brave, standing up to these appallingly oppressive forces. But the whole event had the air of an amateur pantomime. Marr et al seemed like a bunch of tipsy Rotarians at an end-of-convention play night, (badly) re-enacting the fall of the Bastille.

And Marr was the guy with the numbers. He also used his media connections to make damn sure his actions would be broadcast. In his inimitably smug and pompous way he got up and declaimed, "So it comes to this..."

No. It didn't come to this. The squitterati brought it to this. They wanted this to happen! (Aagh! Why can't they just be bloody honest about it? It's like when the ABC denies political bias. Why don't they just friggin'-well admit what everybody knows anyway? If they did that then heaps more people would have a lot more respect for them.)

The Ken Park crowd could have obeyed the law, while raising objections - a far more civilized way of doing things. But the squitterati, malevolent and cowardly by nature, always push things to the limit and beyond. In this they were like the (mostly younger) quarter-wits of the anti-globo and ferndamentalist movements, who go out of their way to provoke their quackolytes into violent action so that the coppers have to give 'em a good ol' thwocking. Then they turn to the waiting cameras and whine, "See, they're fascists. We've been monstered. Ooooh, pity us!"

This was why they got a female celeb (Pomeranz) to flick the switch. They knew that having that well-known, well-loved media bimbo commit the trangression, it would make the cops' actions seem particularly unreasonable. (Also, they knew the chances of her actually being thrown in the slammer were next to nothing. Imagine the outcry if that had happened! So, not such a brave move after all.)

This ploy was typical of their hypocrisy. Squits bang on endlessly about the inherent unfairness of the media and the cult of celebrity yet take advantage of exactly these things whenever it suits them.

I could say more, but I have to go out and earn some bucks.

My final point: censorship should be, er, banned. (Not the contradiction it initially appears.) And it should be banned everywhere, not just where the fluffs think it should be.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Just a note to say that I'm doing a comedy/character gig this Tuesday night, 9.30-ish at the Friend in Hand Hotel, 58 Cowper Street Glebe.
There will be poets there as well. I've seen a couple of them perform before and they are pretty risque and politically incorrect. They perform poetry that rhymes.
Just found this list via Hot Buttered Death.

The fear I find most ironic is "phobophobia". That must have been what FDR was talking about when he said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".

Then of course there's the love of fear. I presume that's called "phobophilia" (or perhaps "philiphobia"?). Whatever, the compiler of the phobia list obviously suffers from this condition.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Ananova reports that, contrary to the stereotype of the hot-tempered, spontaneous Latin lover, most Spaniards make appointments for sex.

Crikey. Next we'll learn that the Brits are often late for theirs!
Before I start posting again I just want to check I can add a link. Since this is such an old browser, it doesn't have that little globe icon and stuff. So, here's one to my other blog.
Finally on the internet and able to post from home! Yay. All of my other posts were done in cafes and libraries. Still, I've got Windows 95, so it's pretty basic.

I know it's pathetic to be so far behind the pack. But it's kind of the story of my life. I only really discovered the internet about 5 years ago, and first got an e-mail address in about 1999 or 2000. Now, I'm blogging regularly, but just as I feel comfortable with Blogger and have some idea of how to promote my blog, everyone else moves to Movable Type!

By the time I get comment boxes and stuff, everyone else will have wireless connections and be downloading shots from their mobiles.
Right, I've finally gotten around to putting a hit counter here to see if there are any people out there except myself, my shrink, and a few other bloggers who have actually accessed this page. Here's hoping!