Saturday, January 25, 2003

Gawd. Now stalking is considered a "cultural" issue. The West today is a relativist's wet dream.
I'm a bit of a net and blogging newbie, so please don't roll your eyes when you read this. But I've just found this amazing page on Google which maps all the searching trends. This is fantastic, because not only can I learn about the contemporary zeitgeist (love that word, don't you?) but I can also use it to get more hits for my site.

For instance, some top searches for early January were "Iraq", "Clonaid" and "Joe Millionaire". So, if I keep whopping in these names, I'll get my hits up. The problem is, how do I put them all in the one post (er, aside from merely listing them like I just did)?

Give me a while to think about this, I'll get back to you...
This story, about a SNAG slowly discovering his inner lech, is an absolute classic.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

If you thought that the man-hating feminazi is merely an invention of appalling misogynists cop an optic of this. It's a story about Mary Daly, serious advocate of the "gendercide" of men. She's just the kind of bizarro creepoid this tosser would adore, I reckon. Needless to say she's way cool amongst the twisted sisterhood.
Good to know that Dubya is sticking it to tiny-minded tyrants at home as well as abroad.