Saturday, March 29, 2003

Here's Michael Moore on his anti-Bush rant at the Quackademy Awards: "I just hope I generated a discussion about Mr. Bush and the war."

What, like there hadn't been one already up to that point?

Solipsistic turd.
After recently discovering that Saddam has more than one female bio-terrorism expert, I suspected that the dashing dictator might have still others in his employ. And yes, I found out that as well as Dr Germ and Mrs Anthrax, there's also Sister Salmonella, Ms Malaria, Lady Legionella and Princess Plague.

Now that's what I call a-germ-ative action!
After over a month's inactivity my arch nemesis Derek Sapphire has resumed blogging again. God help us!
I'm not a journo or anything, but I think I've just stumbled on an editorial balls-up at the SMH. See, in this story about a video of one of Hussein's creepy meetings, the headline reads: "Saddam's 'Dr Germ' seen at meeting, says US".

As the story states, Dr Germ is Rihab Rashida Taha. Yet the chick in the vid is identified as Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash. Now her nickname is not "Dr Germ", it's actually "Mrs Anthrax".

They've got their Baath Party bio-terror babes all arse-about! So, either the army PR guys have made an error in attributing nicknames, and the SMH has just repeated it, or the editor has confused the two women. Either way it's pretty shoddy work. Also really sexist, since I doubt the SMH -- a renowned bastion of political correctness -- would make a similar mistake about men.

Jeez, it makes me so angry! When are women gonna be treated equally by the Western media? I mean, Saddam wouldn't make such a mistake now would he?
Sick to their stomachs from holding "vomit-ins", American appeaseniks are now holding "die-ins" where they all lob in a group and symbolically cark it. Jeez, wouldn't it be nice if they'd do it for real...

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

One down, several million to go.
Dr Helen Caldecott is a pacifist and a feminist. In other words she's at war with men. (Men who never fight back, of course; men who would die to protect her.)

What a nasty little half-person she is. No wonder so many women have deserted her movement.
Here's a punchy article by Debbie Schlussel slamming the fictionality of Michael Moore's Oscar-winning Bowling for Columbine.

She pithily describes Moore: "A fictitious man living in a fictitious time. With a fictitious, Academy Award winning 'documentary.' As Brian Rohrbough, whose son Daniel died at Columbine, said, 'This is just a guy trying to capitalize on the tragedy of others.'"

That last line really nails him. He's capital-izing alright. As a result of his surreal, mean-spirited fantasy the sly slob is rolling in it!

Yet his boneheaded acolytes still can't spot the irony. Many were heartened by his victory at the Oscars. Surely, as enemies of corporate greed and cultural imperialism (which are the very foundations of Hollywood) you'd expect them to be disgusted, or at least disillusioned by it. I mean, the award's a gleaming golden bloke ferfucksake. That alone should have rung some alarm bells!

But nope, the tragic tossers were utterly bedazzled -- unlike the mainstream working stiffs ("corporate dupes") who avoided the show in their millions to keep up to date with events in Iraq.

Yep, colour and movement (and money). Hooks the pinkos every time.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Tammy Bruce has a great new label to describe the posturing flashbulb addicts of Tinseltown. She calls them "malignant narcissists". I reckon it's spot on.
James Morrow refers to some shockin' media bias in its war reporting. One of the ITN newsreaders apparently used the phrase "appallingly heavy bombing". While watching the ABC a night or two ago, I saw one of their bolshie Barbie doll anchors use the phrase "US propaganda machine".

No one with one eye half open and an IQ over fifty is gonna say that the army PR guys are entirely honest all the time. But "propaganda machine"? Gawd. Emotive or what?