Friday, October 31, 2003

Re that crap Brown-Nettle agit-prop performance of a view days back (by the way, d'ya reckon they scored a grant for it from the Australia Council?) and the ensuing kerfuffle:

I think some people have gone a little too far with the criticism. But there was no doubt that it was a truly disgraceful display. Simon Crean - bewildered 'tard that he is - managed to acquit himself reasonably well and act with a modicum of dignity in a ceremonial gathering designed mainly to re-affirm ties with our number one ally. But Bob and Kerry? Gawd. When even serial heckler Nick Bolkus is rolling his eyes in disgust at your behaviour, then you know you really have crossed the line.

He's all passion, no thought, is Bob; not just a force for nature, but a force of nature. Imagine if he ever became PM! Yikes. How scary is that? I can see him on the phone to Tony Blair: "Don't call me again ya speciesist, racist, sexist cunt... But while I've got you on the blower, tell that elitist slut Liz Windsor - or whatever her name is - that she can go an' fuck herself!"

Crikey! He'd probably try and puncture the wheels of the Pope-mobile, he would.

What's amazing is that his silly yammering has probably scored him more votes - or at least more sympathy - amongst the defectorate. The pink pixies of Kookybullshitland are now all asquitter about how locking Bob and his, er, left hand person out of Parliament House was an appalling act of censorship. Yet they were the ones being censorious, because they were trying to shout Dubya down.

The Greens' tactic is very clear: Create a highly emotive situation in which the forceful (yet civilised) exchange of arguments is eschewed for yelling your bloody lungs out! Then, when everyone's sqawking up a storm, the biggest, meanest, loudest mob wins. Finally in power, the Greens can implement their wacky anti-human, pro-plant agenda. (I'd call it hedge politics, myself.)

It's definitely a tribal, primitive way of doing things. But does that make them fascist, in the most sinister sense of the word? No. Not yet. But give them time...

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