Friday, November 07, 2003

For those interested in making a few bucks for buggerall effort: There are a lot of companies that specialise in "group discussions". I registered with one recently, and just scored my first gig two nights ago. Seventy smackeroonies for sitting around quacking on about soft drink. Not bad, eh? (And actually quite interesting, believe it or not.)

I'm registered with a few of these places, but I might go crazy and register with heaps. Could supplement my meagre income quite nicely, I reckon. Say one every 2 to 3 weeks, that's about 1500 hundred bucks a year.

This is just another nice aspect of capitalism. What would the comparable commie gab-fest be like? Well, you'd probably be there under the pretence of giving "free and frank" feedback about The Party's direction. Of course you'd feel anything but free or frank, probably more fearful and furtive. And the reward would be shit, too. Might just score a desiccated spud and a bent durrie, or somethin'.

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