Saturday, October 18, 2003

Have been having some 'puter trouble. Tried downloading ICQ from some CD onto my PC. But it couldn't manage it. Then my main browser (Opera) bit the dust. (Well, technically perhaps not. Maybe there's some glitch out there in cyberspace.) I think some of the ICQ files elbowed out the browser files or something. Anyway, I downloaded a Mozilla one. This seems to work fine. Thank God for that!

Touch wood everything will be okay from now on. It really freaks me out when I have tehcnical glitches. I start hyperventilating and everything.

I'm like a junkie, ferchrissakes. My whole world just starts to fall apart if I think I won't be able to blog.

Blog-addiction must already be a serious problem. Before long it will be in the DSM, I reckon.

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