Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Watched Lateline last night. It ran a story on the killing of that bomb-maker al-Ghozi who escaped from prison when Howard was in the Philippines.

Understandably the Oz Government was pleased to learn of this small victory in the war aginst terrorism. Yet reporter Greg Jennett described its reaction thus: "The Australian Government's enthusiasm for al-Ghozi's death bordered on the ghoulish."

Downer's calmly spoken response followed: "It is with great delight that the Australian Government has learnt that al-Ghozi has now been, um, has now been, um ... well, he's actually been shot.

"Perhaps one shouldn't say we're delighted that someone's been shot, but nevertheless, we are delighted that he is no longer on the loose."

Does that sound near "ghoulish" to you? Crikey, what's wrong with expressing a bit of satisfaction that such a murderous scum-sucker had bought the farm? I'd describe his reaction as "bordering on the subdued" myself. I'd also describe Jennett's intro as "unequivocally emotive and biased".

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