Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I clicked on a Blogger ad about how to make a few bucks blogging. I think it's more for business blogs etc, but there are some good points in the intro page.

It includes some thoughts from Jeff Jarvis, who is an online publishing guru or something: "One of the rules of marketing that I learned early in my career: segment the market until you get it small enough so that you can be the leader of it. The same applies to blogging. If being popular is what you care about, specialize in something, says Jarvis. Become the online expert at something. This makes a lot of sense to me."

I like this. "Specialize in something... Become the online expert at something."

Hmmm. What, though? I suppose I'm an expert at shat-off-ness, since this whole blog is basically one long bitch session - mostly about lefties, moral relativists and New Age nutbars. (You know: fluffs, the lumpen squitterati, the alternative establishment.)

But there are heaps of bloggers who specialise in that. And they work much harder than me. See, basically I'm pretty lazy.

There! That narrows it down. I'm lazy as well as shat off about fluffs.

But there are probably hundreds - if not thousands - of other bloggers like that out there. My niche needs still more defining.

So, er, what exactly is it that shits me off about fluffs? Well - apart from the fact that they are surreal idiots with their heads stuck up their arses - they invariably earn heaps more money than me. That really shits me. Take this peckerhead, for instance. The guy's rolling in it!

How ironic is that? I'm the would-be capo, and I'm damn near skint. Yet this self-described "mendicant" is up to his heart chakra in friggin' moolah! (So's his cat, by the way.) I tell you, I'm ready to punch the friggin' monitor...

Still, this does narrow my area of expertise even more. I'm now an authority on lazy shat-off-ness about New Age fluffs with cats who earn heaps more money than me.

There! How's that for a niche? That's about as nichey as you can get, isn't it? Surely there is no one else on the planet who can challenge my knowledge in this area?

So, er, where's all this dosh that's supposed to flood in?

Damn shonky internet money-making schemes! They shit me.

Ha! Another niche!

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