Sunday, October 05, 2003

Here's a bizarre story about some self-aggrandizing mayor in Spain who has passed a law that the blokes have to stay home on Thursday evenings to play house-hubby in the interests of "equality".

Not that unusual. These nutty "quirkies" appear from time to time. What's really interesting is the story's title (presumably written by a Sun-Herald staffer). It defines the totalitarian, ultra-sexist law as "no sexism".

It comes from the same ol' drearily predictable fluffy wuffy mind-set (and I use the term "mind" loosely) that you see all the time in the mainstream media. That is: sexism is only ever what men do to women, not ever what women do to men (or, in this case, what a man does to other men to curry favour with women - probably so that he can get into their pants).

Will these fluffs ever be capable of original, principled thoughts, instead of PC ones?

I doubt it.

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