Monday, October 06, 2003

This sheep ship controversy is really shitting me - particularly the attendant posturings of all these bloody fluffs. Here they are, squawking up a storm about the live sheep trade, which they define as a cruel and inhumane. But you can be sure that most of these squits would be equally shat off about our border protection policy (especially the detention centres) which they also define as cruel and inhumane. Which shows just how utterly lost these plonkers really are!

I'll elaborate: If live sheep exporting is cruel and inhumane, then surely live human exporting (especially in unhygeinic, ultra-packed, leaky ol' boats - which, not unlike this sheep ship also occasionally burst into flames... er, and sink, too) would be even more cruel and inhumane, wouldn't it? Well, not the fluff, obviously. But to the Government? Yes.

As I understand it, Howard's hard-arsed post-Tampa policy isn't just about border protection; it's also about putting people smugglers out of business. It doesn't take a friggin' rocket scientist to figure out that the more people smugglers profit, the more leaky boats full of people will come to our shores. The more that come to our shores, the more their human cargo will suffer and sometimes die on the way.

So, how do you stop this? Well, we in Oz can't take the fight to the people smugglers, because they are all in other countries. That would require invasion. But what we can do is create a major deterrent on our turf in the form of detention centres. Which is exactly what we've done.

Humans intending to come here (unlike friggin' sheep being exported over there - who, like lefties, will never do anything more with their lives than shuffle around bleating occasionally and following each other to their collective doom) realise that jumping the queue is not the way to go because even if they do survive the trip there will be a very long wait at the end of it. If you have no people willing to be smuggled in leaky boats you also, happily, have no starvation, disease and mass drownings.

Now, that makes some sense, as well as being at least half-way humane.

But what can you conclude about the attitude of the fluffs? It seems they are more concerned about the plight of sheep on ships than humans on leakier ones. And how fucken dumb (not to mention cruel and inhumane) is that!

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