Tuesday, October 07, 2003

More bloody whining from the squitizens of Artsville...

Yesterday morning (on Nine, I think) saw John Howard (the evil one, not the good one) honking about how Seppolian shows erode our cultural identity or something. What identity is that, I wonder? Oh, that'd be the dull, unimaginative, bullshit-rich PC one that he and his mediocre mates think is good for us and have been ramming down our necks for the last coupla decades. You know, that one. (And, coincidentally, the one that ensures they make a very comfortable living for perpetuating at public expense.) Then he was on the box again that night, spilling the same noxious bilge to a bunch of his fellow fartistes.

In the morning interview he said something about keeping "our culture... our films and TV shows... the ones we love so much". Well if we love them so much, why the hell does nobody want to watch them? And why, when offered the choice, do Australians invariably prefer Seppolian shows? Sure, they are cheaper for the networks to buy and run, but they're also of a much higher quality and far more enjoyable to watch.

Look at any Oz show. The writing is rank; the acting anodyne; the production... er... perfunctory. They're crap, let's face it. (Re that: Saw a bit of Crashburn - which I hope becomes the fate of the shit-wits who created it - last night. It was so dreary I wanted to barf all over the screen after only a minute. About the only character in it with any complexity and naturalness was a friggin' gorilla loping about its cage.)

And anyway, why the hell is Howard whining about the negative influence of Seppolian pop culture? He himself seems to to have modelled his entire appearance on one of the more iconic characters from the Star Wars series. See what I mean?

Ironic, to say the least. (Wonder why he did so. Maybe heard on the grapevine that Lucas was gonna ditch the puppet and hire a real live thesp for the next installment?)

In any case these whining whactors and honking hacks are on their way out. And they know it.

Roll on the Free Trade Agreement. And eat shit and die, fluffs!

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