Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Pithy summary of the major differences between Clinton and Ah-nuld re groping, etc.

Spot on. Once more, the feminist bimbos desperately trying to exploit this issue show their mean-spirited hypocrisy. (Remember their ambivalence about the Taliban?)

I can see why twisted sisters really like Gray Davis. Like so many of them he's a plausible puppy-white sap just oozing do-goody-goodness; very affable on the surface, but mean as shit underneath. I mean, insinuating that his foe is some kind of crim because he goosed a few spunks - who have waited until now to complain (or whose complaints have not been publicised until now - and ain't that interesting?) - is pure, distilled scum-suckery.

Saw a clip of one of his campaign ads. It ran a montage of chickybabes and included an unctuous voice-over (a male one by the way - how sexist!) saying that " if your mother's a woman; if your daughter's a woman... etc" you "just can't vote for this man".

Like Schwarzenegger is some kind of scourge upon babedom; that he's gonna attempt full-on gendercide or something! Apart from being utterly and obviously false the ad reveals an underlying disdain for women, since it accuses those chicks who do support him (and their are heaps) of misogyny by association, or idiocy at best.

Just proves for the umpteenth time that PC feminists are not remotely interested in liberating women. What they are interested in is using women as a stepping stone to gain power for themselves. It also proves that unlike your average sheila, a feminist is nothing without a man... to blame.

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